Candidate Gets Green Transfusion from Spock

If William Thompson defeats Michael Bloomberg in the race to serve as New York’s next mayor, that won’t be V-for-Victory he’s signing, it will be the Vulcan salute:

In an e-mail message, Mr. Nimoy said that he contributed to Mr. Thompson’s campaign because Mr. Thompson was “a credible candidate.”

Then, drawing on reasoning – and language – commonly applied by Spock, he said: “Since he is in danger of being outspent, I find it logical that my contribution should elevate his financial resources to equal those of this opponent.”

That would be the city’s billionaire mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg, 67, who is said to be prepared to spend $100 million of his personal fortune in his campaign and with whom Mr. Nimoy has more in common than he might imagine.

[Thanks to Gary Farber and Steven Silver for the story.]

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One thought on “Candidate Gets Green Transfusion from Spock

  1. I expect the chances of Thompson beating Bloomberg are about as large as a tribble being the next captain of the Enterprise, but the story otherwise was all about Thompson, the city Comptroller, being a trekkie, so I thought it was amusing. and a sign of the general acceptance of being a trekkie as a fairly mainstream thing. The story angle, after all, was of an amusing aspect of the comptroller, not a about something that make him a lunatic you couldn’t elect.

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