Chengdu Worldcon Announces Capability to Take Credit Card Payments for Memberships

The Chengdu Worldcon today told Facebook and Twitter users that they are now able to take credit card payments for new WSFS memberships and admissions, including virtual admissions. The link from the English language homepage, labeled “Login or Purchase Membership” will open the registration page.

File 770 would like to hear from people who are using this new capability successfully, as one commenter on Facebook said it did not work for him.

They also noted that the convention website has been updated with the new dates, venues – Science Fiction Museum, and hotels – Sheraton Chengdu Pidu.

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29 thoughts on “Chengdu Worldcon Announces Capability to Take Credit Card Payments for Memberships

  1. Hope they do have it working. Only 10 days left before the cut off to be able to nominate for the Hugos (if you weren’t a member of Chicon).

  2. It did for me, but now I’m unclear what I signed up for. I wanted a WSFS supporting membership so I can vote for the Hugos but think I may have just signed up for WFSF membership…(there were two items in my history -one from when I tried several days ago and the cc process did not work). So….help?

  3. What use to be a supporting membership is now a WSFS membership. Attending membership is now WSFS membership plus attending supplement.

  4. I was just able to log onto as a member, granted that status as (1) having voted in site selection at DisCon, and (2) attending member of Chicon.

  5. I was able to log in and see that membership is $50.00, but the site says that credit card payments cannot be accepted yet. Says you can pay via WeChat and Alipay. I didn’t go any further

  6. When I log in with my email it doesn’t recognise that I was a ChiCon member and should be to nominate for the Hugos, should it?

  7. I am a member of Chengdu by virtue of having voted at Chicon last year and they recognize my membership. What do we buy so we can vote for Worldcon 2025?

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  9. You are NOT a member of Chengdu by virtue of voting at Chicon. You’re a member of Glasgow by virtue of voting at Chicon. If you voted at DISCON, you’re a member of Chengdu.

    You can, however nominate for the Hugos (once they open nominations) if you were a member of Chicon.

  10. @Linda Robinett
    You mean you voted in 2023 site selection at Discon? You’ll need to buy a 2025 WSFS membership when Chengdu opens site selection voting.

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  12. Worked for me with credit card. The site still says “Credit card payment needs more testing due to the international transactions complexities.”, but they just haven’t changed that wording yet and it works. I was able to:
    1) Request a login link by putting in my email
    2) Use the login link to buy the WSFS membership for $50 using a credit card – which it will ask you for when you check out.
    3) When I logged out and logged back in, the Purchase History showed the purchase, the World Rights showed Number of WSFS memberships: 1 and Number of 2023 Hugo Awards voting rights: 1.
    4) Logging in to my credit card account showed $50 charged with description: SQ *DEVELOPMENT CENTER

  13. The one reason for participating in this convention as a supporter is to make sure there is a large enough voting bloc to try and avert this site turning into a perennial event.

  14. Mine went through (I think) and the site shows me having a WSFS membership/2023 Hugo nominating/voting rights. I suppose the proof in the pudding will be when the money comes out of my bank account.

  15. I’ve received a progress report from Glasgow this morning. Still nothing from Chengdu, not even the rather important date-and-venue-change information.

  16. I signed up and was charged $50 – but there were two things listed as WSFS member – so I’m not really sure I picked the right one. I never got a response or receipt from purchasing but they did charge my credit card right away. I posted in the FB group and someone wrote me back telling me they’d contact membership (which I had emailed last week) and then pinged the FB group again, and finally got a message from membership telling me to “check the site and see if it says I’m a member” – but when I did that, it said I don’t have voting rights. shrug

    I’m hopeful they will figure this stuff out eventually but it seems like there’s a lot of confusion of how it is supposed to work. I’ve been a Hugo voter and supporting (if not attending) member since Chicon 7 and I’m hoping the concom figures this out so I don’t break my streak!

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