When Should Fans Expect the 2023 Hugo Nominations to Open?

Just ten days before the January 31 deadline for people to join and be eligible to nominate for the 2023 Hugo Awards, the Chengdu Worldcon announced it finally had the capability to take credit card payments for memberships. Now that the convention has enjoyed that rush of business, the question is when will the members be able to start voting?

Dave McCarty, co-department head for the Hugo Awards, told the audience at Smofcon 38’s Chengdu Worldcon Presentation that “Regarding Hugo voting… there should be an email blast going out to people with all the information about nominating and your information about logging into the website. That should go out slightly before the website opens up for people to nominate, so that should be sometime in mid-January.” 

Of course, that date has come and gone. Indeed, up til now, members have not received any email contact from the committee since they won the site selection vote.

And although there’s no sign this is likely to happen, if online voting opened tomorrow it would already be starting later than it has any time in the past 15 years.

YearWorldconOnline Nominations Available
2022Chicon 8Jan 16 2022
2021DisCon IIIJan 26 2021
2020CoNZealandJan 5 2020
2019Dublin 2019Jan 10 2019
2018Worldcon 76Feb 3 2018
2017Worldcon 75Jan 9 2017
2016MidAmeriCon IIJan 28 2016
2015SasquanJan 16 2015
2014Loncon 3Jan 8 2014
2013LoneStarCon 3Jan 28 2013
2012Chicon 7Jan 3 2012
2011RenovationJan 3 2011
2010Aussiecon 4Jan 1 2010
2009AnticipationJan 18 2009
2008Denvention 3Jan 3 2008

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32 thoughts on “When Should Fans Expect the 2023 Hugo Nominations to Open?

  1. Ugh. Maybe they’re doing everything 2 months later now. So, by the end of March? Around the time it usually closes. 🙁

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  3. Nickpheas on February 5, 2023 at 3:49 am said:
    I’m sure it will be all covered in PR1. Isn’t that promised for late a November?


  4. What should we expect from what has always obviously been a bogus bid?
    (Yes, the Emperor has no clothes, nor has it ever!)

  5. I got a PR1 from Glasgow which is happening next year!!!! Why not a simple PR with bios of the guests of honor, an explanation for the change of sites etc.

    I think it should be decorated with big balloons.

  6. @Andrew I. Porter: I’ll bet the air force said “Halt, Hugo’s there?” first.

  7. 2023 will be a year of everything with an apteryx when it comes to Worldcons.

    The Chengdu concom has shown that they are not remotely capable of doing the most basic jobs.

    We need to create a process with specific milestones and consequences for missing them.

  8. It’s a concern, but I think the biggest issue is the complete non-responsiveness to anyone asking any question. Has anyone gotten any sort of response to any question? I get there’s stuff they wouldn’t respond to for various reasons (GoH issue, for example) but is it weird to expect basic responses to questions?

  9. Now that the venue change has given us a new hypothesis — that the Worldcon is just ornamentation for a real estate development — the international members are superfluous. No need to service them.

  10. If you’re Chengdu co-chair Ben Yalow, vice chair Dave McCarty, vice chair Donald Eastlake III or vice chair Randall Shepherd, don’t you have to communicate with the public about this situation? The responsibilities of your role are not solely to the convention committee, but also to the Worldcon community.

  11. @Christopher John Garcia: I did finally get a response back about my membership not displaying. Apparently they lost some membership data so now they need proof that I voted. My Site Selection receipt wasn’t in the first couple places I looked so I am going to worry about this later given that I can use my Chicon membership to nominate.

    (It would have probably been easier to find my receipt in the time immediately after Discon before a year+ of other papers had a chance to bury it.)

  12. Laura: Well, I’m fascinated. The English title of the video is “2023 The Hugo Awards Nomination: Coming Soon.” But Google Translate renders the Chinese-language note under the video as “Nominations for the 2023 Hugo Awards are now open”. Of course, they aren’t, so it seems the English title is more accurate.

  13. The video is so fast that even if it had useful information, I would have real difficulty extracting it. Especially when you add in having to locate the English text among the Chinese. On a web page, that would be less of a problem.

  14. I hit pause and scanned through slowly. There are a few glimpses of what appear to be potential nomination or Hugo info webpages. But who knows if anything is close to being functional.

  15. The English website is still saying there is a problem with credit card purchases. Also, is there an update on whether or not the convention has arranged for special hotel rates?

  16. Update on hotel room rates: I asked them about it on their Facebook page, and this morning I got this reply- “hopefully will announce tomorrow”

  17. Laura & P.J.:

    We have now had ample proof that this Worldcon is on track to be a total failure at even it’s most basic functions.

    In my view, we need a way for WSFS to void a seated Worldcon if/when it fails to meet (Especially all) basic milestones. Indeed, many businesses have such clauses in their contracts where failure to perform to milestones renders the contract void.

    At this point, Chengdu has done attained ZERO milestones of basic Worldcon work. No sent PR1s (And a year late), changes in dates without warning or consultation, and missed deadlines on, well, everything to date.

    If they are left without accountability, my present expectation is that 2023 will not see a Worldcon, virtual or in person, at all.

  18. Andre,
    So if they could be unseated, what then? Or how do you imagine holding them accountable? I’m not holding my breath for Hugo nominations to open today, but we did finally get PR1.

  19. In my view, we need a way for WSFS to void a seated Worldcon if/when it fails to meet (Especially all) basic milestones.

    As a first step towards accountability, there ought to be milestone dates that all Worldcon bids agree to fulfill when they submit their bid — such as dates to release PR1, PR2, PR3; date to open Hugo nominations; date to open Hugo voting; and dates to finalize the convention site and hotels.

    Even if there wasn’t an enforcement mechanism in place to unseat a con, the schedule would put more pressure on cons because of the bad PR of missing a date. They’d know they have to get their bleep together.

  20. @Laura, I never got PR1, but I did get the email a few weeks ago that the Hugo nominations would be opening “soon”. I assume my PR1 is caught in an upstream spam filter somewhere….

  21. I was a supporting member of Chicon 8, and hence am eligible to nominate, and never got notification about nominating. (I am not a member of the Chengdu Worldcon, nor am I likely to be.) I discovered yesterday that the deadline is tomorrow, so I tried to register at https://hugo.chengduworldcon.com/hugo-awards/, as instructed by https://www.thehugoawards.org/2023/03/2023-hugo-awards-nominations-open/.† I have entered my email address several times, and gotten a “Success” response (“sseccuS /????”) each time, but I have received no response — nor have any of my spam filters.

    † Which rather ominously writes “Please direct any questions about the administration of the 2023 Hugo Awards to the 2023 Chengdu Hugo Award Administrators, not to the Hugo Awards web site.”

  22. I got a response from the committee saying that they “have had some issues with getting emails through to some email addresses.” I’m confident that the fault did not lie with my mail forwarder (pobox.com, which has been a leader in spam-fighting), and it was unlikely to be a problem with all four mail providers my address forwards to. They wanted to use my Gmail address instead, and when I tried that at 2AM it worked. A further piece of advice from them which I did not need to use: “use Opera and their free vpn and change the location to Europe.”

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