Clarke Award Opens for Submissions

The Arthur C. Clarke Award administrators have announced they are taking submissions for the 34th presentation of the award in 2020.

The prize is open to science fiction novels that received their first UK publication in 2019, written in English by an author of any nationality.

Although the novel’s first UK publication must fall within these dates, it is still eligible if it was previously published in other territories or has been translated into English for the first time in the judging year.

The Arthur C. Clarke Award is also open to submissions from authors publishing their work independently.

Here we categorize independently publishing authors as a UK publishing company of one in their own right and authors must be either a UK citizen or resident in the UK to be eligible and are subject to the same fees and levies for entry as other publishing imprints.

The last date for receipt of submissions is December 31, 2019.

For submission guidelines or any other queries please contact the administrators at [email protected]

The Arthur C. Clarke Award is administered by the Serendip Foundation, a non-profit organization with the mission to coordinate the yearly prize, positively promote science fiction and honor the memory of Sir Arthur C. Clarke.

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