Classic Flash Gordon Rocket For Sale

Flash Gordon rocketAn aluminum rocket ship model originally seen in Just Imagine (1930) and later featured in three Flash Gordon serials is being offered on eBay for $250,000.  

Universal markThis original miniature was used by Fox Films and Universal Pictures in the 1930’s. The model was swung through the air and brought to life with sparklers, smoke and added sound effects! It features a heavy, aluminum body and a door that folds down into stairs. It is clearly stamped “UNIVERSAL MOVING PICTURES” and “PROPERTY OF FOX FILMS CORPORATION 249”.

The model is 18 inches long, and has a 8-1/4 inch wingspan. It can be taken apart into two sections, as shown in the photos.

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10 thoughts on “Classic Flash Gordon Rocket For Sale

  1. On the 1979 Buck Rogers t.v. show, there was a cameo by Buster Crabbe as fighter pilot “Colonel Gordon.” After Gil Girard as Buck complimented him on his piloting, Mr. Crabbe had the line, “Son, I’ve been doing this since before you were born.”

  2. “Flash Gordon was there, in silver underwear and Claude Raines was the invisible man….”

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