Cóyotl Award Winners

The Furry Writers’ Guild announced the winners of the Cóyotl Awards for 2012 and 2013 at Rainfurrest 2014 on September 26.


2012 Cóyotl Awards

2013 Cóyotl Awards

(Full list of nominees here — 2012 and 2013.)

The Furry Writers’ Guild exists to “support, inform, elevate, and promote quality writing and writers of anthropomorphic fiction.”

5 thoughts on “Cóyotl Award Winners

  1. These awards are getting more obscure by the minute. I’m a furry (except I usually tell people I gave it up), but not familiar with these. There is an Ursa Major award … but I can’t remember the last time I heard anything about it. the thing about furry fandom is that I don’t see an award ever growing to the stature of the Hugos, Nebulas or even Elrons, because furry fandom is way too Balkanized. There’s usually a furry group in any sizeable city, but it will probably have little contact with anyone else who is more than a few hour’s drive away. Picture the fandom as a field of non-intersecting circles, sort of like The Sea of Green in Yellow Submarine. Ever circle is its own microcosm, with its own big shots and important events. Odds are this award is meaningful to some such circle … but who else?

  2. Good point. If I ever write a history of furry fandom, it’ll be called “Sea of Holes.” Actually, I do recognize a couple of the winners. What I have no clue about is where their work is published. Since the virtual collapse of furry b/w comic books more than 15 years ago, and the disappearance of most fanzines around the same time, I don’t know where this stuff is “published.” Most likely on-line somewhere … like everything esle in the friggin’ universe. Maybe even on a web group I belong to. DeviantArt has THOUSANDS of members … a sizeable chunk of them are furries. FurAffinity has a couple of thousand members, almost all of which are furries. You almost could not want a more anonymous place to hang out, since nobody knows everybody else.

  3. There are two large-ish furry publishers–Sofawolf and Furplanet, and then a series of smaller ones. Most books and short stories come out through those. In addition, most of the books are available through Amazon and other online retailers.

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