DC Roundup

Compiled by Carl Slaughter:

  • Upcoming DC animated films
  • Batman description

“See DC, that’s all we want.  A definitive portrait of a beloved character that balances multiple tones across dozens of hours that can only happen with a perfect creative team and lands at the perfect time in the cultural zeitgeist.  Is that so hard?”

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  • Aquaman featurette
  • Batman does NOT kill
  • 5 best Robin deaths
  • 5 best Batman Beyond deaths
  • DCU:  What went wrong?
  • 10 actors who regretted being in DC movies
  • Superwoman movie
  • Superman down under

Until The Joker is introduced, I could easily have believed this was Hollywood produced.  The concept of bio-engineered Krytonite taken from Superman’s saliva is ingenious.   Get a load of those North American accents from those Aussie actors.  And try this quote:  “I see a generation too consumed with themselves to even look at others.  I’m not sure I like what I see any more.  A generation losing their morality in a technological revolution.  A generation who think they deserve everything and never have worked for it.  I see a society fooled into believing that praying to social media benefits those in need.  Those are the people who need saving the most.  And I can’t do a thing.”  Poor Superman.  For all his powers, he can’t save Millennials. 

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  1. Carl: thanks for this Superman fan film. You’re right–until the Joker this film is pretty good. Troy Honeysett is closer to Superman than Henry Cavill ever will be. I thought it was entertaining and appreciate the link.

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