DisCon III Membership Update

DisCon III, the 79th World Science Fiction Convention, to be held in Washington DC from August 25-29, 2021, has released their latest membership numbers.

With ten months until the convention, they have 2,170 total members distributed over the following categories:

Adult Attending — 1468 

YA — 34

Child — 8

Kid-in-Tow — 4

Household — 8

Attending total — 1535

Supporting — 635 

Total memberships — 2170

[Thanks to Adam Beaton for the story.]

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9 thoughts on “DisCon III Membership Update

  1. Small for a Worldcon but not surprising as they have weird things going on with the hotel and the pandemic is still not under control.

  2. Any idea when / if they plan to publish the survey results?

    Hi Bookworm! Our data nerd is still crunching the numbers, but we’d likely make a release along with the format announcement we’ve said we’d make in January.

    –Colette, DisCon III CoChair

  3. Survey results? Once again label me out of the loop of the world and clueless: what survey? Obviously too late to take it but I’d love to see it.

    (Raised not by wild wolves but wild statisticians.The advantage is survival skills include how to do the laundry as well as things like such as survey design.)

  4. I, for one, wasn’t going to preregister for a Worldcon in the US until after the election was over.

    Now that it is, and that we might have a vaccine by then …

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