4 thoughts on “Doctor Strange International Trailer

  1. Well, it looks like New York is going to be destroyed yet again. I wish some of these confrontations would take place in Podunk, Texas, where millions of people maybe wouldn’t die.

    Also, I thought I read somewhere about Dr Strange appearing in Avengers: Infinity War. That movie sounds like it’s going to be massively overstuffed.

  2. New York in Marvel movies should be deserted by now, like London in “Doctor Who”. Or at least the real estate prices ought to be down and some big companies moved somewhere less likely to be attacked. I’d at least move to an outer borough or maybe Jersey or Chicago. Chicago’s nice in non-winter.

    The first Thor movie took place in Podunk, New Mexico, which led to somewhat fewer deaths. Not since then, major cities gotta go blooey.

  3. @Bonnie McDaniel: Is’t that basically “Thor”? Podunk little town,then suddenly there’s quaffing gods and cosmic menaces.

    @lurkertype: In Cinematic Marvel niverse, AFAICT New York has only been hit once. The movies at least spread the disasters around.

    Still, this is a nice little explanation for Hell’s Kitchen in Daredevil not being nearly as gentrified as it is in our word.

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