Dream Foundry 2023 Art and Writing Contest Winners

Dream Foundry announced the winners of its 2023 Art and Writing Contests on August 28. 


First Place

  • “The House of Old Marian” by Albert Nkereuwem

Second Place

  • “Roots That Abide” by Fatima Abdullahi

Third Place

  • “The Last Ever Meeting of the Chicken Express Coven by Jessica Andrewartha


First Place, winner of the Monu Bose Memorial Prize:

Second Place

  • Ahmed Asi

Third Place

In both contests the first place winner receives $1000; second place, $500; and third place, $200. In addition, all of the winners will get their choice of seats at Flights of Foundry 2024’s workshop and limited seating sessions.

The winners were selected by writing contest judges John Wiswell and Suzan Palumbo, and art contest judges Sloane Hong and Solomon Enos.

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