F&SF Will Not Publish Riley Story

Gordon Van Gelder, publisher of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, posted this statement today on social media platform X:

The statement responds to controversy that began after David A. Riley announced to readers of his blog that The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction had accepted a novelette by him for publication. Social media raised the issue of Riley’s history of having once been part of the UK’s National Front — which in 2016 led to him being taken off an HWA Bram Stoker the jury by mutual agreement.

David A. Riley has not made a direct response to the decision, however, the meme posted to his blog here may be a comment on it.

6 thoughts on “F&SF Will Not Publish Riley Story

  1. For some reason, I saw this retweeted and reposted on social media (by File 770, Ellen Datlow, and others) before I saw the official GvG post. Otherwise, I might not have seen it.

    That meme… What the actual front lawn.

    Of course, I’ve seen a few people pushing back already and saying we should judge the story by the story and not by the author. Are we being made to believe they never judge stories by the background of the author?…

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