Dueling Spocks

Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto are hilariously in character in this Audi commercial. (I never expected to hear Nimoy doing the Bilbo Baggins song again this side of Doctor Demento!)

[Via io9.]

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7 thoughts on “Dueling Spocks

  1. Specifically aimed at the Audi’s “mirror universe” version of itself, the Mercedes Benz.

  2. Janice – Apparently I haven’t registered that anything was spoiled. If you e-mail me what it is, I will post a spoiler warning and save the two or three people who will look at the site this afternoon…

  3. I can’t speak for Janice, but I would have found the ad marginally more amusing without your parenthetical comment, which removed a slight bit of surprise.

  4. Morris guessed correctly – I thought the surprise of Nimoy singing was one of the unexpected charms of the video

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