Ed Green’s Oktoberfest Moment

Ed Green, LASFS President emeritus and veteran commercial actor, appears in this Passenger music video — you’ll see him at about 1:26 playing a tuba. His musical effort and intensity is apparent from his bright red face, although the fact that it was 106 degrees on the day they shot the video may also have something to do with it.

4 thoughts on “Ed Green’s Oktoberfest Moment

  1. Yikes, that heat is no fun at all. We shot parts of one of my amateur _Doctor Who_ movies (“The Zombie Legions”) in similar heat up in Red Bluff. It was bad enough for me in a curly wig and scarf as the Fifth Doctor, but even worse for poor Erlinda Siller (later Hallock) who was a rubber-suited alien. We had to rig up a fan to blow air into the suit so between takes she could get the shade and cool down and avoid heatstroke.

  2. Mike: Thanks for the link to the Golden Oak Ranch. I looked at their website, and that’s a neat place I did not previously know about.

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