Ed Kramer Charged with Parole Violation, Back In Jail, Computers Seized

Ed Kramer, Dragon Con co-founder, has been arrested and jailed on a parole violation, accused of taking a picture of a child without the parents’ consent. Some news sources describe the child as a boy, another as a girl.

According to the Gwinett Daily Post’s story “Convicted sex offender, DragonCon co-founder Ed Kramer back in jail”

Kramer was arrested by Lawrenceville Police Department officers on Tuesday, five days after he was accused of taking photos of a boy believed to be seven years old, an incident report said.

According to the report, officers were dispatched to Gwinnett Pulmonary Group after receiving a call that Kramer, after leaving a doctor’s appointment, remained in the check-out area and was watching the boy.

“He was later seen watching the child and holding his cell phone in a manner that suggested that he was photographing (the) child,” the report said. “The complainant stated that she observed the flash of the camera and she stated that (Kramer’s) eyes never left the boy.”

Atlanta TV station 11Alive aired a report with police bodycam video showing the arrest.

Gwinett County District Attorney Danny Porter, who’s been involved with Kramer’s case for years, spoke to WSB TV reporter Tony Thomas (“DragonCon co-founder took pictures of child inside doctor’s office, police say”):

Porter… said he’s not surprised Kramer has been arrested again. 

“It’s the case that never ends,” Porter said. “I knew it was never going to end.”

Kramer was sentenced years ago, but Porter has kept the files against Kramer nearby. 

In the past, Kramer was sentenced to five years of house arrest on three counts of child molestation. He was released in December.  

… Authorities are now trying to revoke his probation and a judge could resentence him on his original conviction. He could face up to 55 years in prison.  

Porter said police found several computers and storage devices in Kramer’s Duluth home and are still going through them. 

“Any indication there are other instances out there?” Thomas asked Porter. 

“There isn’t at this time,” Porter said. “I think once we get into a forensic analysis of the computers and the storage media, there may be something there.”

Kramer will be back in court Thursday as authorities try to quickly schedule a probation revocation hearing to get him moved into state custody.

Kramer’s bond for the most recent charges is set at $22,200. As of Wednesday afternoon, he remained in jail.

Kramer pleaded to three counts of child molestation in 2013 as trial was set to begin in Gwinnett County, entering an Alford-type plea as provided under Georgia case law in which he agreed to the conviction even though he still claimed innocence. Kramer agreed to pay damages to the victims and was sentenced to serve a term of confinement at home.

In December 2017 the state of Georgia’s Sexual Offender Registration Review Board (SORRB) designated Kramer a “sexually dangerous predator,” the ranking with the highest perceived risk for recidivism. Georgia law requires “SDPs” to be monitored by GPS for the rest of their lives.

Kramer co-founded DragonCon in 1987 but has not been involved in the operation of the convention since 2000 when he was arrested for the alleged molestations. However, he retained part ownership of Dragon Con until July 2013, when he was bought out by the organization, four months prior to his guilty plea.

[Thanks to Nancy Collins for the story.]

7 thoughts on “Ed Kramer Charged with Parole Violation, Back In Jail, Computers Seized

  1. It was, indeed, a seven year old boy he was photographing. (Kramer has a fondness for slight boys with long hair.) The child’s mother is posting on WSBTV’s Facebook page covering the story and is livid that Kramer was allowed to wander the streets unsupervised. I also noted that he didn’t have a wheelchair when he was being arrested, but asked for one by the end of the tape. He is actually being held without bond due to the Probation Violation.

  2. And may I note that he’s monumentally stupid? He knows that he’s not allowed to photograph children yet he does so in a location that’s garanteed that he’ll get noticed and therefore arrested for doing so. No possible defense is going to keep him for from going back to prison on a probation violation.

  3. Think of his behavior as addictive and it makes more sense. All pedophiles know that their activities are against the law and some abstain but most commit crimes against children. But an addict will do anything to feed his or her addiction. This waste of air pond scum (I should apologize to all anaerobic bacteria at this point) should be stuck in prison for the rest of his life. There are some treatments but obviously this did not work for this lower than slime mold person.

  4. Please lock him up. He has lived three doors down from me for years and I have just found out his history. Didn’t even know his name, just saw him walking his dog in the neighborhood for several weeks.. No neck brace, no wheelchair, no cane, and I am pretty sure no oxygen tube I have a grandson who cannot play outside right now. I am really pissed that there was no heads up about his status. Neighbors are, too.

  5. He’s not an addict.
    He’s not stupid.
    He’s a pedophile and he had enablers.
    End of story

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