Egoscanners Don’t Live in Vain

Brad Foster, the multiple-Hugo-winning fan artist, likes to keep track of where all his work has appeared. And after three decades, that list is very long. Brad says, “I’ve done a lot of art for a lot of weird publications over the years, not to mention posters, flyers, decals, patches, logo designs, cards, tee-shirts, and a little of everything else. And I kept a list of all of them as they were published.” Webzines and PDF fanzines, too. 

Now he’s distilled his pages and pages of notes into a searchable list on his website. This news might have been important to Brad alone but for one fact: Faneditors love to egoscan. You think I didn’t enjoy seeing File 770′s name 70 times on that list? So I can confidently predict the next link you’re going to click if you ever published a single Foster cartoon.

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