Hugo Nominations Close at Midnight (PST)

Today is the 2008 Hugos nominating deadline. If you were an attending or supporting member of Denvention 3 by January 31, 2008, or a member of Nippon 2007, you are eligible to nominate for the Hugo Awards.

All ballots must be received by Midnight (2400hrs), Pacific Standard Time on Saturday, March 1, 2008. At this hour, that would mean you need to fax your ballot (to 206-323-0795) or vote electronically using a PIN. (Ballots are not accepted via e-mail.)

After the nominations are tabulated the next step will be to contact the prospective finalists, who have the option to decline if they want to. The committee expects to release the final ballot around Easter (March 23).

Update 3/1/2008: Correct Easter date courtesy of PNH.

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  1. Saved again…. It really is my preference to provide a doctrinally correct date this time.

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