Eifelheim’s Japanese Translation Wins Award

Cover of Japanese edition of Eifelheim

SF ga yomitai! (“We Want to Read SF!”), an annual SF guidebook published in Japan, ranked Mike Flynn’s novel Eifelheim “Best SF for 2010” among foreign SF published in Japanese. The ranking is decided by SF writers, editors and critics.

[Thanks to Patrick McGuire for the story.]

3 thoughts on “Eifelheim’s Japanese Translation Wins Award

  1. Hey! I actually reat that! And I read almost no new SF anymore. I did’nt realize that book ws only last year — I guess I’ll have to nominate it for the Hugos, now, since it’s the only eligible science fiction I’ve read.

  2. Actually, Eifelheim was nominated for the 2007 Hugo and is no longer eligible. What was published in 2010 was the Japanese translation.

  3. Oh good… I was afraid my perfect record last year had been spoiled.

    Mainly I read older SF I never got around to, or re-read stuff I remember fondly.

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