Literary Coincidence

Just this morning I finished reading Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet aloud to Sierra. At the end of the adventure the boys return from Basidium and land their spaceship on the beach near their home in Pacific Grove, California. I’ve read it before and the name of that town never stuck in memory. It will from now on.  

When I came home from work this afternoon and checked the mail there was a packet with a return address of Pacific Grove — containing my Aussiecon 4 Hugo nominee pin, ribbon and program.  

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2 thoughts on “Literary Coincidence

  1. Given how much hobbits love mushrooms, you’d think they’d do well as colonists on The Mushroom Planet.

    I’ll try to avoid mentioning that due to Rule 34, there is, of course, mixing of mushrooms in hobbit/LOTR slash. There, didn’t mention it at all!

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