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On July 21, Chris Morissette (Eloi) e-mailed people a new update about Elliot Shorter:

Elliot has spent the last two nights at Miriam Hospital due to arrhythmia and chest pain. The doctors feel it is under control and he will be returning to Oak Hill tomorrow, 7/22, as long as everything remains OK. I was exhausted when I got in and failed to write. He is in good spirits and continues to ask that people send cards and visit when possible. He asks that nobody be discouraged if he is asleep, he does that a lot and to just say his name to see if he is resting and not deep asleep.

[Thanks to Moshe Feder for the story.]

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5 thoughts on “Elliot Shorter News

  1. I have known Elliot Shorter since our undergraduate days at CCNY but have been out of touch with him for years. I am so saddened to have learned of his illness. Do you have an address where I can write to Elliot?

  2. Elspeth Kovar & I had occasion to visit Elliot earlier today.

    He’s in good spirits. He’s been hearing from folks he hasn’t heard from in … well, decades. High school friends even.

  3. (401) 727-8791 – this is a direct line, and currently not working, although tech support has been called.

    E.K. Shorter,
    Room 305a (new room this week!),
    Oak Hill Nursing and Rehabilitation Center,
    544 Pleasant St.,
    Pawtucket, RI 02860

    Elliot asked me to pass along his contact details.

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