Elliot Shorter Medical Update

Following up, I’ve learned that Elliot Shorter is doing much worse than in the last report.

Don D’Ammassa writes: “Okay, here’s as much as I can find out. The hospital won’t tell non-family members anything and there are apparently no family members able or willing to get involved.

“El is in the ICU at the Veterans Hospital. He has not been conscious for almost two weeks now and is on a ventilator. From what the doctors and nurses won’t say, it seems unlikely that he will regain consciousness.”

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5 thoughts on “Elliot Shorter Medical Update

  1. Gary – Thanks for catching that — it turned out I needed to make a series of corrections, because I have been randomly ending “Elliot” with one or two T’s, even within the same posts. Without thinking about it, I just followed the spelling used by whoever provided the news item. But THEN and the link to Shorter’s TAFF report spell his first name with one L, so I’m going by that.

  2. I had the pleasure of running around with Elliot in 1972 when he lived in the Bronx. I always looked forward to taking the subway from Woodside, Queens and visiting him pretty much weekly. After ringing his appartment’s bell, he’d answer the door. You’d see this hulking giant and he would greet you in such a wonderful way, you knew you were welcome (even though at times I was an annoyance).
    I really valued the time I spent in his presence and just like an addicting drug, I needed to return to enjoy his intellect and friendliness.

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