Elliott Shorter Update

Master El at Black Rose Ball

It’s been almost a year since my last story on Elliot Shorter. Through Facebook I’ve learned he has been getting around more and been feeling better. Master El looked particularly elegant in his Society for Creative Anachronism attire at the Black Rose Ball on February 6.

During the fall he attended the Bridge Birthday Party in Hope Valley, Rhode Island and even took charge of one side in a board game played with living pieces:

Later in the evening, El climbed the long, steep stairs to the second floor — with the help of the “brute squad” — to take part in the traditional bout of live alquerques (an ancestor of checkers and chess, and one of the oldest known board games). El took one side of the tabletop board, and Josef the other, while a host of local lords and ladies took to the carefully marked-up floor to play out their moves, stylishly sweeping the opposing pieces off the board. Three games were played … and the final score was a tie, with one win for El, one for his opponent, and one draw.

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