Ellison Joins Archon 39 Lineup

Archon 39 has added to a slate already loaded with talent the nonpareil storyteller Harlan Ellison as a special guest.

Guest of Honor Jacqueline Carey, TM Esther Friesner, Artist GoH Brent Chumley, Filk GoH Tricky Pixie. Masquerade MC Victor Milán, Media GoH R.J. Haddy, and Science GoH Jordin T. Kare will also be honored in Collinsville, IL over the October 2-4 weekend.

Ellison gave a shout-out to Toastmistress Esther Friesner on his blog on May 13 —

Yet another reason to be looking foward to going to ARCHON in St. Louis in October with Susan! Hooking up with Arnie & Cathy Fenner of SPECTRUM, hanging with Mark Tiedemann, seeing the Arch again after so many years, having a gorgeful of Crackle and burnt ends BBQ, getting to shake the hands of the Libertarian Futurist Society attendees whose gorgeous award arrived by post only an hour ago … and now to know I’ll’ be hugging my dear friend Esther Friesner after too many years apart! SAINT LOUIE!!!!!!!!! What’s not to love??!!!!

8 thoughts on “Ellison Joins Archon 39 Lineup

  1. So let me see if I understand this: Conventions everywhere are really cracking down on sexual harassment with life-time bans, but Harlan Ellison is a special guest at Archon 39.

    To quote Mr. Spock, “Illogical.”

  2. Has Ellison said anything about the Hugo Awards situation? I checked his site a few times and came up empty. It would be a poignant milestone to have a major SF/F controversy pass without Ellison sticking his oar in.

  3. Wow that Ellison page…very 90s flashback. Tho seeing as how the man still prefers typewriters and disavowed any web presence for years and years, it is kinda cool seeing his own words up there.

  4. Harlan also uses fountain pens (as do I)…making his typewriter a step further into the 21st century.

  5. I used fountain pens all through the 80s and into the 90s and I still love the look of blue and blue-black fountain pen ink. I gave them up when the inexpensive Schaeffer pens and ink refills became scarce and then I got into a career where they were not at all practical. I’d still use them for personal stuff if the Schaeffers were still around.

  6. CMM: Being a collector of fountain pens I can use a different one each day for a year…shame on me. Yes, they still make Shaeffers…which is now owned by the same investment firm that owns Cross pens.

  7. I hope he keeps his hands to himself this time. I wouldn’t want to be Toastmaster, GOH, or a presenter around him.

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