Ellison’s Big Pair

Two new Ellison books will be available for pre-order on November 1None of the Above and Rough Beasts.

None of the Above is Ellison’s 238-page, unproduced screenplay adaptation of Norman Spinrad’s Hugo Award-nominated novel Bug Jack Barron that was to have been directed by Costa-Gavras (Z) for Universal Pictures in the early 1980s. Respected film critic and historian Leonard Maltin has written an insightful introduction with input from Ellison on why the film has never been made.

Rough Beasts assembles seventeen never-before-collected pulp stories from the 1950s, including the Stephen King-lauded “Invulnerable,” which eluded collection despite a prominent mention 30 years ago in Stalking the Nightmare. Every story has been revised by the author specifically for this collection.

The stories collected in Rough Beasts include: Invulnerable (1957), Like Father, Like Son (1957), Walk the Ceiling (1957), The Kissing Dead (1956, with Henry Slesar), Across the Silent Days (1958), Star Route (1955), Backlash! (1956), Machine Silent, Machine Yearning (1957), Way of an Assassin (1958), Fool’s Mate (1958), The Untouchable Adolescents (1956), The Little Boy Who Loves Cats (1954), Parasite (1955), Up the Down Escalator (1955), Glug (1958), Hit-Skip (1957), and Why Did Wallace Crack? (1956).

The two-book set can be ordered from Harlanbooks.com starting at 10 a.m. PDT on November 1.

Rough Beasts will be signed by Ellison. Any two-book sets ordered through November 6 may have the signature personalized upon request. The set sells for $75.

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7 thoughts on “Ellison’s Big Pair

  1. I have a photo of Harlan Ellison and Norman Spinrad with Robert Sheckley that was taken during the time that Mr. Ellison was working on the “Bug Jack Barron” (a.k.a. “Power”) screenplay. Photo seen here:


    The photo dated May 1, 1982, was taken shortly after Mr. Ellison had read to the LASFS Showcase attendees a section of the screenplay in question. Mr. Spinrad expressed displeasure with some aspects of the “artistic license” that Mr. Ellison had exercised in creating his interpretation of Mr. Spinrad’s work.

  2. The storm seems to have delayed Ellison’s title GETTING IN THE WIND from Kicks Books. They are located in Manhatten.

    Well, it is many years later and there’s no movie, and just a screenplay. Might have been interesting. I’ve been interested in reading a couple of Spinrad’s novels, as he is GOH for the next worldcon, even though I may not make it.

  3. No, my tone was factual, not annoyed. I try my best to deal with direct writing, as I do not intend to use internetese shorthand and emoticons. I was writing very early in the day at my job between dispatch and data inputs, so maybe I didn’t add enough smirk into it.

    ( My brother send me a note wth several “LOLs” in it. I told him it looked like drooling.)

    And I am amused to have looked into several Arayn Nation style websites, and Spinrad’s THE IRON DREAM is recommened reading. The book goes for large bucks on some websites.

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