Exotic Fan Fundraiser

Steven H Silver, who accepted Joss Whedon’s Hugo for The Avengers last night, writes —

I raised $176 for the Fan Funds by letting people hold the Hugo I accepted as I wandered around the party floors.  I started this fundraiser in 2009 in Montreal when Aliette de Bodard and Christopher Kastensmidt asked if they could hold it and I jokingly asked for $5.  After they reached their wallets, I kept it up and raised over $200 that year to be divided between TAFF, DUFF and CUFF.  Figured I’d continue this year.

3 thoughts on “Exotic Fan Fundraiser

  1. I was at a party where I witnessed people pulling out wallets and checkbooks to give donations to Steven.

    Earlier in the evening, I got to hold the Best Graphic Story Hugo for free, when Bob Silverberg handed it to me after he came offstage with it, when nobody was there to accept it.

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