5 thoughts on “Fantastic Four Trailer Online

  1. It’s been decades since I read a Fantastic Four comic, but I can’t help notice that somewhere in the intervening years, someone appears to have decided that Sue Storm (Invisible Woman) and Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) are no longer siblings.

  2. My other half tells me this is based on Marvel’s “Ultimate” universe’s Fantastic Four, so their origin’s a different than what I (and probably you) grew up with, but from what I’ve read, they’re still siblings. Maybe half-siblings, step-siblings, or one or both could be adopted. In the trailer, Storm (senior) even says something about getting his children, plural, back/home; I presume he’s talking about Sue & Johnny there.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to this, though I’m sick of the constant retelling of origin stories. I’m mostly unfamiliar with the Ultimate universe (except the Ultimates – the “Ultimate” version of the Avengers), so I expect it to be a little confusing and/or jarring at first.

  3. I remember the 2005 versions. Meh … they were okay. But why should we shell out $15 or whatever a theater ticket costs these days to see the born all over again? Is this what the Marvel parasites expect to stay rich on forever, telling the same six stories for their most popular characters over and over again? Apparently.

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