Sasquan Confirms Hugo Ballot Is Locked

In the wake of Black Gate’s withdrawal as a Hugo nominee fans have asked whether its vacancy will be filled, or will the ballot remain locked as Sasquan announced on April 16.

Hugo administrator John Lorentz confirms: “The ballot is indeed locked, and Black Gate will remain on the ballot. (That’s because the ballot is already at the printer and we can’t change it anymore.)”

Still under consideration is the possibility of including a statement on the online voting page about Black Gate’s announcement.

The ballot went immediately to the printer because Sasquan is doing a separate mailing of Hugo and site selection voting forms to avoid the delay of waiting for the convention’s next scheduled progress report.

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9 thoughts on “Sasquan Confirms Hugo Ballot Is Locked

  1. They can’t be so inconsiderate as to not allow Black Gate to withdraw. Being on this years ballot will give them a Tarnish they might never escape. Even if they are on the printed ballot Sasquan need to distribute a note with the ballots explaining that Black Gate is ineligible on their own request, and that a vote on them is wasted.

  2. nicpheas: Worldcons are required to distribute paper ballots to their members. It’s not the only way to vote; electronic voting will be available on the convention website. You wouldn’t want the convention to actually violate WSFS rules, now, would you?

    I would like to point out to you that not every person in the world who might want to vote on the Hugo Awards has a computer. Doubtless such people are beneath notice for you, but I know such non-computer-using people who read and enjoy SF/F and who are Worldcon members.

  3. What I’m most curious about now is that since Black Gate will remain on the ballot, if Black Gate votes will just not be counted in the final tally and everyone moves up a slot pending results.

  4. Joe Sherry: I believe the implication of them considering adding a warning to the online ballot is that votes would be counted. Otherwise why enable voting for BG at all?

  5. Since Black Gate is officially on the ballot, not having declined their nomination in a timely fashion, votes for them should be treated the same as votes for any other nominee. If at any stage in the vote counting process they have the smallest number of votes, their votes will be redistributed in the usual fashion. If the voting process determines that they are the winner, they’re free to decline to accept the award.

  6. I would think the printer would be more than happy to reprint them, perhaps with a rush fee.

  7. I’m not able to vote, but I’ve been following the travesty that are the Hugo Awards thanks to the gerrymandering of the Sad Puppies and the Rabid Puppies. There was a clear announcement of a deadline for the closing of the Hugo ballots and Black Gate was withdrawn too late. The rules were followed and the author now has to bear the consequences of his hesitation in withdrawing too late. End of discussion.

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