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Moshe Feder, Consulting Editor for Tor, proudly reports some major media attention is being given to one of his authors:

Dr. Jeff Meldrum, author of Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, becomes the first of my authors to make it to NBC’s “Today” show when an interview taped at his lab in Idaho a few weeks ago airs on Tuesday, December 15.

The book is the first serious examination of the sasquatch mystery by a qualified scientist with an open mind and has been widely acknowledged as the definitive book on the subject. We published it under our Forge imprint in hardcover in 2006 and in trade paperback in 2007. I’m proud of it, and would love to do more science non-fiction books like it.

NBC tells us the piece will air in the first or second hour, repeating in the fourth hour. I hope those of you who have access to the show will try to catch it.

A post on the  Idaho State University website further explains:

Meldrum’s interview is slated to air Tuesday, Dec. 15, as part of a story on cryptozoology, the study of hidden animals, recognizing the public’s heightened interests in rare, elusive and mysterious creatures…

The “Today Show” producer, Jennifer Long, asked questions such as “zoologically and evolutionarily speaking, could the animal people describe as Bigfoot exist in this day and age,” “what is the most compelling evidence that sasquatch does or does not exist,” and “what would be the implications of the discovery of Bigfoot.”

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