Fight! Fight!

Stan Lee’s World of Heroes, a YouTube channel, launched last year. Fan Wars was one of its first series of videos, where Stan Lee sets the table for various faux comics controversies to be debated in a People’s Court format.

For example – if Harrison Ford had to fight himself in a match between Indiana Jones and Han Solo, who would win? And why?

I sampled several of these and thought “Super Villain Face Off,” which asks who would win a fight between Magneto and Darth Vader not only had the best technical discussion of the issue, it was better edited, therefore easier to watch.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the links.]

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6 thoughts on “Fight! Fight!

  1. Several years ago, there was a website that did something similar in textual form. It even ties in the SF because, not only were some of the contests stormtroopers vs. redshirts (one can’t shoot straight, the other can’t survive), Star Destroyers vs. Enterprise, and Matlock vs. Perry Mason, but one of the people behind it was former Campbell nominee Shane Tourtellotte.

  2. I’ve wondered whether Perry Mason could successfully defend someone whom Ironside had arrested.

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