15 thoughts on “File 770 Saturday Meetup
at Dublin 2019

  1. Oh no! I didn’t hear in time. Now back at my hotel doing social media work 🙁

    Hope I’ll run into some of you at a party tomorrow.

  2. Any chance we can get names-around-the-table? I think I recognize Oor Wombat an her husband Kevin from meeting them at Windycon….

  3. I made it to the Meet Up for two very important reasons; to PROVE that I could find it AND hit my 10,000 step mark on my Fitbit.


    It was great putting faces to names that have become very familiar to me. I hope everyone is having a great time in Dublin…

    Chris B.

  4. Top photo, on the left is Deirdre Saoirse Moen, smiling broadly at being in the only country in the world where folks pronounce ‘Saoirse’ correctly. Next to her is yr. humble servant.

  5. Top photo,halfway down the right side with a black t-shirt and brown hat, is Ursula Vernon. Across from her( top photo left side), glasses, beard, bandana, and black shirt, is her husband Kevin Sonney.

  6. Okay, do Cora and Martin mean right rather than left? I don’t see hands without faces on the left of either photo.

    Also, I wish I could have been there. Although my hearing would have made it very difficult and I might have failed to show up. Anyway, I hope you are all having a great time!

  7. Sneakily hidden, in the first photo all the way down to the right is me. But I’m more visible in the mirror.

  8. @Hampus, would that make you the bald gentleman eclipsed by the lady with glasses, almost as far away as you can get from the camera on the right side?

  9. Oh, there you are, Hampus, in the mirror! And Daniel Dern is reflected in the other mirror at the very top of the first picture.

    And at the back of the first picture on the left are Greg Hullender and Eric Wong.

  10. 1st photo, right, 3rd person (just before @RedWombat) is me and my big gut, trying to lean out of the picture and failing miserably. 😉 So mostly you see my gut! Bleah. That’ll learn me.

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