Daniel Dern’s Saturday Dublin 2019 Photos

Panel, Young Adults versus the world!

Michael Scott, Lucienne Diver, Ian McDonald, Cat Valente and Fonda Lee

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Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Patty Wells

Albedo One

Roelof Goudriaan (left)

Close-up of Roelof’s shirt

Keith Kato and his ribbons


Mark Olson, Edie Stern, Joe Siclari

Jukka Halme

Jukka Halme, chair Worldcon 75 (2017)

Masquerade seating signage

Refers to wristband wearer would have obtained earlier in the day. There are different ones for each day btw 

Misk U!

Queue signage evolving

Planning on ops room, tho not showing where they will release the dragon…