File 770 Withdraws From 2017 Hugos

I always enjoy the possibility that if I do something well enough that it might be competitive for a Hugo Award. And I have been very fortunate in that regard.

On the other hand, there have been times when I felt it was the right decision to step back for a year, which I did before in 1986 and 1996 for different reasons.

And when that happens, I think it is fair to let everyone know, and not put anyone in the position of leaving off their ballots something they would have wanted to vote for if they had known I wasn’t going to accept.

I know a few will be disappointed — File 770 is a community effort, and when it is nominated that is symbolic recognition of what everyone contributes, not just my own work. I apologize to anyone who feels let down, though I assure you I thought about the community here when making this complicated decision.

39 thoughts on “File 770 Withdraws From 2017 Hugos

  1. Given your endorsement (albeit second place) by them Rabid Puppies, it seems like an excellent year to take a break.

  2. I think people post and contribute here for the sense of community (and the fun!), not a desire for some faint reflection of glory, so no complaints here.

  3. Of course it’s a bit disappointing to not see File 770 get recognition for its superb coverage of genre news. But I fully support your choice to withdraw from consideration this year.

  4. Like Trump, there’s no depth this group wouldn’t sink to and the cynical use of this fine endeavor as a nominee is included in my statement. Robert’s quite right — this is an excellent year to take a break.

  5. By my estimate, last year only about 15% of the puppies voted for File770 anyway, despite Vox Day’s urging them to do so. File770 would easily make the ballot with or without the puppies, so I expect Mike’s decision isn’t directly related to them.

  6. I am sorry things went this way, but I also understand and support you completely.

    Here’s wishing us a return to calmer times.

  7. Not precisely related to this topic, but of interest: An article at the Hollywood Reporter site (dated 4 March; about secrecy in the Academy Awards process suggests that “the current, preferential-voting system muddies the results — and the results become even more confusing given that different rules cover one category and another, and the nomination process versus who actually wins. […] The Academy should consider a return to the simpler method, where whoever gets the most votes wins. Then make the precise vote tally available for public consumption.”

    In the comments to this article, I replied that the results of a multiple-round voting system can very easily be made public, and gave as an example the URL for the 2014 Hugo voting statistics. But my comment wasn’t posted (although more recent comments have been) — perhaps because I included a URL, but perhaps because this is simply unwelcome news to forces at the Reporter who want to return to first-past-the-post voting in Academy Award categories that don’t currently use it.

  8. Well, this solved a problem for me. I thought File 770 was the best, but also thought someone else should have the chance to win. Now I can both nominate File 770 and know that someone else isn’t pushed out by that decision. ^^

  9. Good for you Mike.

    There has been in recent years, withdrawals from nominations, either temporarily or permanently so that other worthy people & works get an opportunity. John Scalzi did that last year, and previously (googles, and surprise it’s a File770 article) others did too.

    It’s an irregular Hugo tradition, but a classy one.

  10. Aw, I’m sorry to hear this, but I love your alternate logo above, and I love File 770 regardless. 🙂

  11. What Hampus said.

    Would someone like eg Kyra be eligible for fan writer? I’m not aware of any articles she’s written, but her (and other people’s) comments here have led me to many good things.

  12. @kathodus: I nominated Kyra last year, IIRC. Also, Mike wrote above that he was withdrawing Files 770 from consideration – he didn’t say anything about himself as Fan Writer.

  13. I think this is a good choice for this year, Mike. There are many other worthy fanzines out there.

  14. I’m sorry to read this, and I hope the Rapid Puppies recommendations aren’t the reason. Darn it, I mean rabid puppies. I’m always doing that. Of course it is your decision and I’m sure you know how well regarded the blog is.

  15. (Oops, lost track of which thread I was on and misdirected snark at the wrong logo. Read that post as directed at the RP logo. Apologies!)

  16. I am sad that our epic destruction of poetry will not appear in the Hugo packet, but support your decision wholeheartedly.

    >fist bump<

  17. JJ: I note also that, as far as I can tell, Mike Glyer has not withdrawn from consideration for Fan Writer.

    True, though I hope no one is thinking of that in terms of a consolation prize. The people I’ve seen making Fan Writer recs have all been able to find five other names and I think they’re on the right track.

  18. Cat Rambo, I’ve always been bemused by the concept of a “terrorist fist bump.” I throw darts in a dart league. Before every leg of every match, the teams fist bump opponents and team members. “Shoot well.” <fist bump> This is because we’re generally holding our darts in our right hands so a fist bump is easier than transferring darts to the other hand to shake. Even left-handed people fist bump, because they’re usually shooting against/with righties… (Some folks prefer shaking hands, and that’s fine too, but the majority of folks in my league fist bump each other, and only shake hands at the end of the night after all the games are done.)

    I know folks who’ve been throwing darts for over 30 years; this particular custom, at least in Chicago area dart leagues, is at least that old.

  19. File 770 provides insightful, interesting, and comprehensive reporting across Science Fiction fandom. Thank you for everything you do!

  20. 12 & 54!

    You are a first class act Mike!

    I do not feel disappointment at all with your decision this year. I am in awe!

    12 Rockets and 54 Hugo Award nominations is a mind blowing achievement, and IMHO one that deserves one of those gaudy oversized solid silver or gold rodeo championship style belt buckles.

    Thank you again for your years of service to the community and for being a Fan.

  21. To take up a thread from last week, I’m not here for Glory. I’m here for Ben.

  22. As Mike missed all the celebration of last year at MAC2, we could do a full reprisal in Helsinki. Darn it, I want to cheer those Hugos when Mike is there!!

    Tea and scones and huzzahs!

  23. @JJ – thanks!

    @Kendall – Argh! I just realized that last year I was thinking way too narrowly about who could be nominated for fan writer.

  24. I have it on reliable fake news that your wife said, “If you get one more of those darned dust collectors, I’m out of here!” Sad…

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