Flint Won’t Make It To Balticon 51; Brust Added As Special Guest

The Baltimore Science Fiction Society announced that Balticon 51 Guest of Honor, Eric Flint, will not be able to travel to the con due to health constraints; he will, however, be attending some sessions via video teleconference.

Flint has been battling cancer, and opportunistic diseases such as pneumonia, which he discussed on Facebook.

Author and musician Steven Brust, the author of the Draegara fantasy novels, the Incrementalists secret-history series, To Reign In Hell, and Cowboy Feng’s Space Bar and Grill will be coming to Balticon 51 as a Special Guest. A lot to look forward to — Brust’s resume reads: “I’m the author of twenty-six novels and one solo record. I’m an enthusiastic amateur drummer, guitarist, banjo player, and poker player.”

The 1632 MiniCon is still a go. While series creator Flint will be missing, all of the other contributors to the 1632 universe are still coming to Balticon 51, so the 1632 programming will carry on.

[Thanks to Dale Arnold for the story.]

2 thoughts on “Flint Won’t Make It To Balticon 51; Brust Added As Special Guest

  1. I really hate this. By all accounts, Eric Flint is one of the Good Guys. I’m sure someone somewhere has said a word against him, but I haven’t heard it.

    ETA: That is not an invitation to say a word. Neither is it the time or the place.

  2. He’s really a Good Guy. I sure hope he gets better soon. But when your immune system is down, a con is the last place you need to be. I’m glad he’s at least up to teleconferencing.

    Brust is a nice fallback position.

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