For The Greater Good

wilwcollate1The Bloggess (“Like Mother Teresa, Only Better”) published a photo of Wil Wheaton collating paper, which she requested from the actor for some legitimate reason, however, if we Photoshop onto those blank pages in his hands something like a Steve Stiles cover or a Lloyd Penney loc then surely we should be able to bootstrap Wheaton’s celebrity to rescue fanzine fandom from its current obscurity, don’t you think? (Oh, you don’t?)

[Thanks to David Klaus for the story.]

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8 thoughts on “For The Greater Good

  1. I’ve been going to them there scifi confabulations for nigh on twelve decades, and I’ve never heard of that there William Wharton, so anything he might have to say about “fan stuff” couldn’t possibly have any worth.

  2. When that Wil fella was a younker in 1988, he barged into the “Solving the Wesley Problem” panel I scheduled at Loscon and put himself on it. He’s always been golden to me since then.

  3. I also tribbed Rowrbrazzle for a little while. But a writer just can’t hold up to a batch of cartoonists.

    Gallery was a bit different than a regular APA, I also sold subscriptions, did all the reproduction, and that subsidized the artists and even paid them a royalty per issue. Matt High (of Antarctic Press at the time) coined the term APA/’zine to describe the crossover, although I’ve learned a similar term is sometimes used to refer to people’s individual tribs. I did 51 issues, which I think was a record for a ‘zine of that type.

    I had to stop because of a long period of unemployment, and a bit of stagnation, and well, the web killed print. I still have a list of former subscribers whom I want to pay back, but I’ve lost touch with.

    BTW, the 55 lb anvil can be easily had (depending on upper body strength) at any Harbour Freight store. Although it’s cast iron, not tool steel like a real anvil.

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