Fourth Packet of JMS’ Dangerous Message

J. Michael Straczynski started posting these messages on Facebook on November 9 with the introduction: “Five discrete data packets to be broadcast, one every 24 hours.” They’re also repeated on Twitter.

The fourth “packet” posted today is the word “Visions.”

In aggregate we now have —

How will tomorrow’s fifth packet end this sequence?

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7 thoughts on “Fourth Packet of JMS’ Dangerous Message

  1. The Last Dangerous Visions Collection? A final volume of Harlan Ellison’s unpublished short stories?

  2. I’m sure it isn’t the case, but for years I had the bizarre suspicion that Ellison was specifically saving TLDV to be released after his death, to make the title more literally true. That probably wouldn’t make much sense, though, certainly not economically.

  3. Actually, in a way it would make sense for TLDV to be released after Harlan’s death. He was clearly never going to finish the project the way he intended, so the only way we were ever going to see it would be in an unfinished state. And an unfinished release makes sense only after Harlan’s death, because as long as he was alive, he seemed to be clinging to the pipe dream of finishing it. So now the matter is decided.

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