Frank R. Paul Awards 2024 Nominees

The judges for the Frank R. Paul Awards today announced the nominees for 2024.

The award judges and administrators are: Frank Wu, Brianna Wu, Linda Pierce, Alan F. Beck, Jannie Shea, and Bill Engle (Frank R. Paul’s grandson).

The 2024 Buffalo NASFiC is sponsoring this year’s awards and will host the presentation ceremony. The winner will receive a trophy (featuring a 3D print of the “Tiger-bot” smashing a car, from FRP’s cover for the September 1935 Wonder Stories), and an honorarium of $500.

2024 FRANK R. PAUL AWARDS (for 2023 calendar year)



NOTE: The rules state that no artist can have more than 2 nominations; 3 Kurt Miller pieces scored highly enough to be nominated, so the lowest scoring was moved to the Honorable Mention listing.



NOTE: AI-generated images and art from stock image companies (or derivatives thereof) are ineligible; three covers (Asimov’s, Jan-Feb, 2023; Asimov’s, May-June 2023; and Galaxy’s Edge, May 2023) scored highly enough to be nominated but were disqualified on these grounds.

See the award website for more information and instructions on how to submit work for consideration for next year’s awards (for the 2024 calendar year).

The cover art used on the trophy.

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