Frank R. Paul Awards 2024 Nominees

The judges for the Frank R. Paul Awards today announced the nominees for 2024.

The award judges and administrators are: Frank Wu, Brianna Wu, Linda Pierce, Alan F. Beck, Jannie Shea, and Bill Engle (Frank R. Paul’s grandson).

The 2024 Buffalo NASFiC is sponsoring this year’s awards and will host the presentation ceremony. The winner will receive a trophy (featuring a 3D print of the “Tiger-bot” smashing a car, from FRP’s cover for the September 1935 Wonder Stories), and an honorarium of $500.

2024 FRANK R. PAUL AWARDS (for 2023 calendar year)



NOTE: The rules state that no artist can have more than 2 nominations; 3 Kurt Miller pieces scored highly enough to be nominated, so the lowest scoring was moved to the Honorable Mention listing.



NOTE: AI-generated images and art from stock image companies (or derivatives thereof) are ineligible; three covers (Asimov’s, Jan-Feb, 2023; Asimov’s, May-June 2023; and Galaxy’s Edge, May 2023) scored highly enough to be nominated but were disqualified on these grounds.

See the award website for more information and instructions on how to submit work for consideration for next year’s awards (for the 2024 calendar year).

The cover art used on the trophy.

Pixel Scroll 3/23/24 Please Be Aware That The Closest Pixel Might Be Behind You

(0) The Saturday Scroll will be a short one. I am on my way to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday — which will feel a bit incongruous because I’m still shocked and saddened by this first piece of news:

(1) DEB GEISLER, FN (1957-2024). Dr. Deborah M. Geisler (Deb), chair of Noreascon 4, the 2004 Worldcon, died today at the age of 66.

Her husband, Mike Benveniste, announced on Facebook that she passed at home while resting comfortably under hospice care after a long battle with lung and heart disease.  He added:

Deb was, at her core, a teacher.  As a professor of Communication and Journalism at Suffolk University, she touched the lives of students for over 30 years.  Deb never stopped caring profoundly about her students and the material she taught.  She was also a science fiction fan, fellow of NESFA, and conrunner and made many friendships in that community. 

She was chair of Noreascon 4, a Boskone, the 2004 Worldcon, and volunteered her time, experience, and snark to many other conventions. She was also the love of my life — we would have been married 33 years this October.

Deb is survived by her sister Libby and brother Doug as well as her extended family.  I will post arrangements for a wake and a memorial in the future once I know them.

Deb Geisler in 2015. Photo by Michael Benveniste.

(2) FRANK R. PAUL AWARDS DEADLINE. The submission window for the Frank R. Paul Awards closes March 31. The relaunched award will be presented at the 2024 NASFiC in Buffalo. Award administrator Frank Wu reminds artists:

Frank R. Paul was the first great science fiction magazine artist; he did the covers for the first few years of Amazing Stories, and Ray Bradbury, Forry Ackerman and Arthur C. Clarke were enticed into this field by his art. The FRP awards for best book cover and magazine cover art offer a $500 honorarium for each. Any artist, author, editor or publisher can submit up to 5 of their own works from 2023; the awards are open to everyone, including pro, semi-pro, fan or indie. Reprinted works are fine, as long as the art is new for 2023. The award winners will be determined by a panel of judges, and Frank R. Paul’s grandson Bill Engle is a member of the award committee. 

For more information, please see the award website or contact the chief awards administrator, Frank Wu, at [email protected].

The Frank R. Paul Awards were last run in 1996 by Kubla-Khan and the Nashville SF Association. Frank Wu is funding the first year’s award. For subsequent years they will be setting up a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and taking donations. 

(3) COIN OF THE REALM. “Coming to a Galaxy Near You – The Royal Mint Launches New Star Wars™ Range”.

The Millennium Falcon today (Monday 18th March) landed onto an official UK coin, as The Royal Mint unveils its latest collectable Star Wars™ coins and bullion bars.

Following the success of its first Star Wars coin series, Series 2 is dedicated to the franchise’s iconic vehicles. Designed by Ffion Gwillim, the first coin is the series depicts the infamous Millennium Falcon, one of the most recognised and celebrated vehicles in the Star Wars galaxy. Collectors and fans will enjoy the coin’s unique lenticular feature, depicting a silhouette of the Millennium Falcon and the Rebel Alliance ‘Starbird’ symbol.

Combining traditional minting techniques with modern technology, The Royal Mint’s craftspeople have faithfully reproduced the Star Wars vehicles for the first time on official UK coins. The lenticular feature, which tilts in the light to reveal symbols, is favourited by coin collectors, and demonstrates The Royal Mint’s specialised striking techniques. An advanced picosecond laser was used to imprint the intricate designs onto coin making tools to ensure exquisite accuracy.

Other coins launching in 2024 will showcase a TIE FighterX-Wing, and Death Star II.


[Written by Cat Eldridge.]

Born March 23, 1952 Kim Stanley Robinson, 72. If the Mars trilogy was the only work that Kim Stanley Robinson had written, he’d rank among the best genre writers ever. So let’s talk about it. The trilogy consists of Red MarsGreen Mars and Blue Mars plus The Martians collection of short stories which I’ve not read because I didn’t know it existed until now. 

(He wrote another Mars set novel prior to this, Icehenge, but it is not related to this continuity however it shares much of its themes.)

Kim Stanley Robinson reading at Boskone 57 in 2020. Photo by Daniel Dern.

The trilogy with its colonizing and terraforming of Mars told through many narratives is quite fascinating. The use of multiple narratives isn’t by any means my favorite approach to telling a story but works perfectly here and I can’t imagine a more traditional approach working here. 

Red Mars won a BSFA and Nebula. Green Mars and Blue Mars won Hugos.

Then he went and wrote the outstanding Three Californias Trilogy. The novels that make up the trilogy are The Wild ShoreThe Gold Coast and Pacific Edge. I’ve only spent brief periods of time there, though I lived in both states north of there, but I found his creation of three possible future Californias rather interesting. 

May I note that the Science in the Capital series (Forty Signs of RainFifty Degrees Below, Sixty Days and Counting) is one perhaps that I can’t judge fairly as I didn’t like the first novel so I stopped there. 

His best one-off novels I think are without argument (ha!) The Years of Rice and Salt and New York 2140.  Now I’ll admit that’s based at, in part, on the fact that he’s written a lot of novel outside of the series I’ve read such as The Ministry for the Future with future generations being vested now which sounds interesting and  and Red Moonwell. 

He’s won way, way too many Awards to go into in detail, but I’ll will note that he won both the Robert A. Heinlein Award for everything that he done to that date, and the Arthur C. Clarke Award for Imagination in service to society. 

(5) VIDEO OF THE DAY. The Season 1 trailer for the new Doctor Who has dropped.

[Thanks to Chris Barkley, Cat Eldridge, SF Concatenation’s Jonathan Cowie, Frank Wu, Steven French, Mike Kennedy, Andrew Porter, and John King Tarpinian for some of these stories. Title credit belongs to File 770 contributing editor of the day Peer.]

Frank R. Paul Awards Revived

Cover art by Frank R. Paul for August 1927 Amazing Stories, illustrating a reprint of H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds.

The Frank R. Paul Awards for Magazine and Book Cover Art  have been relaunched and submissions are being taken through January 10, 2024.

The new awards are for cover art for books and magazines published in 2023. Prizes will include $500 for each of the two categories. The awards will be determined by a panel of judges.

Award administrator Frank Wu, a three-time Hugo winner, says “Bill Engle, Frank R. Paul’s grandson, is on the awards committee, and is as excited as we are about re-launching this award.”

Artists, authors and publishers are encouraged to submit up to 5 of their own works; this includes pro, semi-pro, fan and indie. Other folks are encouraged to submit up to 2 works by anyone. AI-generated artwork is NOT eligible for this award. A slate of finalists will be released prior to the announcement of the winners. For full information on submitting, please visit the award web page.

After the close of the submission period candidates will be judged by a panel of distinguished judges: Frank Wu, Brianna Wu, Jannie Shea and Alan F. Beck.

Frank R. Paul (1884-1963) was one of the first great science fiction illustrators, and the Guest of Honor at the first World Science Fiction Convention in 1939. For a gallery of Frank R. Paul’s work, click here. Click here for the entry on Frank R. Paul in The Science Fiction Encyclopedia.

The Frank R. Paul Awards were last run in 1996 by Kubla-Khan and the Nashville SF Association. Frank Wu is funding the first year’s award. For subsequent years they will be setting up a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and taking donations.