Frankenstein Meets Little Women in South Pasadena

Robert Kerr poses with the Ghostbusters car.

By John King Tarpinian: October 20 was the opening reception for the art exhibition of this match-up honoring the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein and the 150th anniversary of Little Women, two well-loved novels by two groundbreaking female authors.

The city of South Pasadena, CA had a lot going on this evening.  They had an art-walk, with local artists hawking their wares.  An Octoberfest, with an Oompa band, was happening.  Their historic Rialto theater was doing a fundraiser screening of the original Ghostbusters.  All of this within a few blocks of each other.

[Photos of more works on display follow the jump.]

“Franky Peruses A Classic” by Mike Bell

“Frankenstein Is Served” by Patience Anders

“For Life And Death Are One” by Mike Bell

“The Monster” by Mike Bell

Top: “Franky Discovers Little Women” by Mike Ball. Bottom: “Frankenstein Portrait” by Gris Grimley

“Jo As Frankenstein’s Monster” by Dany Paragouteva

“Meg,” “Beth,” “Jo” and “Amy” by Steven Corvelo

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3 thoughts on “Frankenstein Meets Little Women in South Pasadena

  1. I’m disappointed that none of the art is showing the beautiful version of the monster. Dad and I were just talking about the Michael Sarrazin version on Saturday, as it happens!

  2. I still fondly recall a TV Guide photo feature on the TV movie in the form of a synopsis of the movie in a sort of proto-MST3k way. The Monster starts out beautiful, the captions note, but things go wrong and he gets ugly. “In fact,” the caption tells us, “he becomes downright scabrous!”

    (I totally have dibs on that. “Downright scabrous” is MINE.)

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