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Nate Bucklin

Nate Bucklin

Nate Bucklin is a widely known musician, and not only in fandom. His composition “I Was Born About Ten Million Songs Ago,” performed by Steven Brust, received airplay on Dr. Demento’s show for years and was part of a Dr. Demento CD.

Bucklin is also credited with inadvertently triggering the founding of the Minnesota Science Fiction Society in 1966:

A gathering to welcome Nate to the Twin Cities was so successful that the attendees decided to repeat it in two weeks. After several such meetings, the meeting was called to order and the club was named, with regular Saturday meetings that have continued ever since.

But jumping back to the present – Nate and his band members are raising money via Kickstarter for Bucklin’s new album, “My Favorite Whirlwind”.

The band — Nate Bucklin, guitar and vocals, David Emerson, keyboards and vocals, Jason Becker, bass, Jeff Schalles, drums, and Felicia Herman, vocals – also will present this project in a live performance at Minicon 50, to be held April 2-5, 2015.

At this writing, people have already pledged $2,787 of the original $1,760 goal. But the additional money will be very helpful, as Jeff Schalles explains:

Our stretch goal is modest, if the total keeps going up, we’ll be able to book extra studio time at the end of the recording session for mixing and overdubbing, and up the number of CDs we have made. Beyond that, Nate’s been hankering after a new typewriter. A nice, solid, refurbished office electric, from that typewriter guy with the shop down on Penn Ave. in Richfield. Nate does his best writing on a typewriter! (At the moment, we’re working on building him a computer, too, so he can get back online. But he’d still rather write on a typewriter.)

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