Girl Genius Thrilled Not To Be On Hugo Ballot

A recent installment of Girl Genius delivers fresh evidence that Phil and Kaja Foglio like marching to the beat of a different drummer. The pair are ecstatic their comic is not a 2013 Hugo nominee —

“How exactly is this GREAT? We were only supposed to sit out ONE year!”

“Don’t you see? It means we’ve shown them, shown them all! …The Best Graphic Story category is REALLY NEW, and WE won the FIRST THREE! So SOME people said there was no point to the award, since WE’D just keep winning it – which was actually pretty nice of them—“

The Foglios withdrew Girl Genius for 2012 only, but are quite content to promote the health of the new category by leaving the glory to others for another year.

On the other hand, would they be drawing attention to the news in this way unless they were worried the trend might become permanent?

2 thoughts on “Girl Genius Thrilled Not To Be On Hugo Ballot

  1. It might have been a clever way of them announcing that they are back in the competition – I’ve already seen several reactions from people only now realizing they didn’t mean to withdraw permanently. I fully expect them to be back on the ballot next year, and would bet on “the Girl Genius category” being back as well. Unfortunately.

  2. Having just made way for fresh blood on the Hugo ballot myself, I know it takes a big man to see the positive side. *ahem.*

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