Glasgow 2024 Opens Hugo Awards Voting

Glasgow 2024 today opened online and mail voting for this year’s Hugo Awards, Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book, and Astounding Award for Best New Writer. All ballots must be received by Saturday, 20th July 2024, 20:17 GMT.
The Final Ballot is open to holders of Glasgow 2024 memberships in the categories of Attending Adult, Young Adult, and Teen Members, Online Attending Members, and WSFS Members. (Holders of Day Tickets, Online Attending Tickets, and Child/Infant Attending Tickets are not eligible to vote in the Final Ballot).
More information about the Hugo Awards, including full instructions on how to complete and submit a final ballot can be found on the Glasgow 2024 website. Also provided are PDF versions of the ballot in both English and Chinese. These printable ballots can be downloaded by members who prefer to submit their votes by postal mail. All ballots, whether submitted electronically or by postal mail, must be received by the deadline of 20.17 GMT on Saturday, July 20th, 2024.
Instructions have also been sent to all eligible Glasgow 2024 Members by email, using the email address associated with their membership. They encourage members to check their junk/spam/promotions folders for this email if they do not appear to have received it because voter notification messages may be flagged as spam by some email systems. Worldcon members who are uncertain of their status or who experience problems with the online ballot form should contact the committee at [email protected].
Only members of the 2024 Worldcon are eligible to vote on the final ballot. To join the convention, see the Glasgow 2024 Membership Page.
Any questions about the administration of the 2024 Hugo Awards should be directed to [email protected].

HUGO VOTER PACKET. Glasgow 2024’s Nicholas Whyte, in an online Town Hall session today, said the Hugo Voter Packet will be released a few weeks from now, during May.

BUSINESS MEETING. Whyte also said the Worldcon Business Meeting will be livestreamed and recorded. However, he reminded viewers, the rules do not allow virtual participation in the meeting.

[Based on a press release.]

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5 thoughts on “Glasgow 2024 Opens Hugo Awards Voting

  1. 20.17 GMT on Saturday, July 20th, 2024.

    “I recognized that reference!”

  2. I had to google “20:17 GMT” to get the reference. Was that the intent, or is it well known among fans other than myself?
    edit: oh it’s the same date too….

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