GoFundMe for Crystal Huff’s
Legal Expenses

A GoFundMe has been started to fund Crystal Huff’s legal expenses. Huff is defending themself against a defamation suit brought by Noel Rosenberg. At this writing, $3,404 of the $10,000 goal has been raised.

Huff told told Facebook followers in a public post:

Hey, folks, it’s hard to ask for help, especially right now, but Noel Rosenberg is suing me for defamation for my 2018 blog post about Arisia and my experience of their safety processes and their leadership team at the time and everything.  Vicka Corey and a couple of friends are kindly running a GFM to help pay for my legal defense.

I expect to be vindicated in court, but I need help….

As reported here last September in “Noel Rosenberg Sues Crystal Huff”:

Noel Rosenberg, former President of Arisia, Inc. (2000, 2018) and Arisia convention chair (2002), filed suit against Crystal Huff in Middlesex (MA) Superior Court on September 17 [2020] alleging defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Huff published a 6,000+ word statement on October 25, 2018 ending her connections with the convention: “Why I’m Not At Arisia Anymore: My Rapist is President. Again”. Rosenberg says in his complaint:

…Her blog posting also alleged that in addition to raping her, Noel had “stalked,” “harassed” and “intimidated” her. Crystal’s accusations of violent and heinous criminal wrongdoing by Noel are utterly devoid of any basis in reality.

Huff’s attorney filed their answer to the suit on November 11.

Vicka Corey’s appeal for contributions to “Help Crystal Huff’s Legal Defense” begins:

In 2018, Crystal Huff published a #MeToo blog post addressed to the Arisia community. Crystal is now being sued for defamation, over two years later, for the content of that blog post.

…Crystal has talked publicly about having earned about $2,000 during the entire year of 2020. Steve, Crystal’s spouse, earns a higher salary, but a good legal defense is simply beyond their ability to fund. This lawsuit must be answered, and for that, Crystal needs support from their community. 

Anything you can do to help would be appreciated. If you can add money to this fund, if you can spread the word, if you can offer other kinds of help — please do. Crystal’s work online and in person has touched many lives, between science fiction, feminism, tech, gardening, and political organizing. It would be great to see them receive support in return.