9 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Sneak Peek Trailer

  1. Needs more Nebula and Mantis too. I’m really happy that they’re putting more of Marvel’s great cosmic women front and center, and it would have been nice if we’d seen them. But, I know, teaser trailer. We really only got a second or two of Baby Groot!

  2. And I thought he’d found another mix tape at the end of the first movie, so we wouldn’t have the same !@#$%^&*()!! cover to listen to for another N months of trailers….

  3. Chip Hitchcock, they’re probably reserving the new batch of songs to be a surprise in the movie. (If they make a third movie, where will they get the soundtrack…?)

  4. You know, with all the implausible and outright impossible things happening in that movie, the one that bothered me most was that tape surviving so many years of use. (Not to mention the Walkman itself.)

  5. David Garrison, I wondered that myself, but I handwaved it with alien technology.If they can build starships, surely they can preserve a tape and a Walkman.

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