9 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Teaser Trailer

  1. I like that they’re calling it “Volume 2”. Gives it a good, irreverent feel, that suits it well.

    I wish they’d have given Gamora, like, a single line. Any line whatsoever.

    No, “smiles bemusedly because Starlord has sexfeelings for her” does not count.

  2. @Standback: I think they’re teasing with that; there was a lot of pushback over “what, no Gamora play fgures!?!” and Gunn has made some noises about that, so we’re probably being led down the primrose path there.

  3. I… am unfamiliar with that idiom and not sure what you mean by it.

    Google informs me that, perhaps, a teaser with no Gamora is a promise of ease and luxury that will later turn out to be destructive for us?

    (But, seriously, I’m delighted to hear that anybody actually in charge has indicated that Gamora will be something other than the token babe. OTOH, I’ll believe it when I see it.)

  4. @Standback:

    That section of the trailer interested me, because Gamora (and we viewers) already knew that Starlord had sexfeelings for her–it was established in two scenes in the first movie. That it’s news to Dax means (to me as I merrily hypothesize) that Starlord has been scrupulously observing Gamora’s personal boundaries. A true hero for our times!

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