Herman’s No Hermit

By James H. Burns: How much surrealistic joy has Paul Reubens, as Pee Wee Herman, and as a writer/producer, brought to the world?

I’m not sure I understand the concept of Pee Wee’s never having left his home town…  (Gee whiz, in the first film, he traveled to the Alamo!)  Or, for that matter, that I love some of these jokes…

But it is great fun to see the possibilities in the new Pee Wee movie, debuting on Netflix, in March

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7 thoughts on “Herman’s No Hermit

  1. The correct spelling is (as shown in the video title above) Pee-wee.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing his new movie. The first one created a world. That’ll be hard to live up to, but I’ll settle for good jokes.

  2. As long time viewers of PEE WEE’S PLAYHOUSE will recall, the “t” in Pterri is also silent.


    And now it’s time for a Penny cartoon!

  3. For the uninitiated, PEE WEE’S PLAYHOUSE, the often rather wonderful series that ran for years on CBS Saturday mornings (beginning in 1988), featured a robot (Conky), a pterodactyl, a magic screen (!), and, oh yes, a genie…

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