Ignotus 2020 Awards for the best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror in Spain

Pórtico, Spain’s Association of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror (AEFCFT), announced the Ignotus 2020 winners on November 16 in an online award ceremony during the virtual HispaCón.

The association’s board also honored author and researcher Lola Robles with the Special Gabriel Award, for her invaluable contribution to science fiction, fantasy and horror literature.

They also announced the winner of the annual Domingo Santos contest, endowed with 200 euros, for the short story “El último psiquiatra de Marte” by Juan Francisco Jiménez Troya.

 According to Blanca Rodríguez, President of Pórtico: “HispaCón is a celebration of the literature we, the fans, love the most: stories of science fiction, fantasy and horror. The Ignotus are a great example of the fan’s engagement, because they are awarded by the popular vote, reflecting current tastes and trends. We are happy to report a high influx of voters and new members of our association and want to empathize the diversity of this year’s  shortlisted works.” 

 Ignotus Awards 2020 list (in alphabetical order by category):


  • Voces en la ribera del mundo, by Diana P. Morales (published by Triskel)


  • La última mujer de La Mancha, by Enerio Dima (published by Cerbero)

Short Story

  • “El falso comerciante de pimienta”, by David P. Yuste (published in Círculo de Lovecraft #11 magazine)


  • Cuentos para Algernon: Año VII, curated by Marcheto (published in the web Cuentos para Algernon)

Related book

  • Infiltradas, curated by Cristina Jurado and Lola Robles (published by Palabaristas Press)


  • “Guía para empezar a leer Mundodisco de Terry Pratchett según tus gustos”, by Carla Campos (in the web Origen cuántico)


  • Cover of La brigada lluminosa, by Marina Vidal (published by Mai Més)

Audiovisual production

  • Klaus (film), directed by Sergio Pablos


  • Ocultos, de Laura Pérez (editado por Astiberri)


  • Windumanoth, edited by Álex Sebastián, David Tourón and Víctor Blanco

Foreign novel

  • La brigada de luz, [The Light Brigade] by Kameron Hurley (edited by Alianza, translation by Natalia Cervera)

Foreign short story

  • Sistemas críticos, [All Systems Red] by Martha Wells (published by La esfera de los libros, translation by Carla Bataller Estruch) 


YA-Children novel

  • Prácticas mágicas, by Nahikari Diosdado (published by Cerbero)

Pórtico, the Spanish Association of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror (AEFCFT), is a non-profit organization focused on the promotion of fantasy, science fiction and horror in Spain.

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