Inside the New Uncle Hugo’s: Photos by Paul Weimer

Paul Weimer went to donate some books at Don Blyly’s new location for Uncle Hugo’s and Uncle Edgar’s bookstores. While he was inside Paul shot these photographs of the bookshelves being stocked and other work in progress.

14 thoughts on “Inside the New Uncle Hugo’s: Photos by Paul Weimer

  1. “At Uncle Hugo’s Imagination stock’d corners, place Your books, angels, and arise, arise From death, those numberless infinities Of stories, and to your scattered bookshelves go…”

    (Deepest apologies to John Donne, but I’m so happy to see Mr. Blyly relaunch the bookstore even though the chances of me seeing it in person are practically zero.)

  2. @joe I confirmed with Don that there will be plenty of shelf space, so no giant piles of books on the floor in that one corner of the Hardcovers that the old store had…

  3. I didn’t get the name of that very good boy, Lis. He did not cotton to me much and shied away every time I tried an approach.

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