Into Darkness, With Popcorn

Cineholics reviewer (and past TAFF delegate) Jacq Monahan likes the new Star Trek movie:

The iconic Enterprise crew is back again, fresh from a mission that results in an endangered Spock (Zachary Quinto) rescued by Kirk (Chris Pine) in a manner that violates a key Starfleet Prime Directive while on a primitive, volcanically-challenged planet. And that’s just the first ten minutes.

She rates the film a four on a five-point scale.

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5 thoughts on “Into Darkness, With Popcorn

  1. Fascinating … (I know I’ve heard that somewhere, but it *is* fascinating) … Back when Trek movies were pure Trek, all philosophical about about different people learning to get along and not use force to solve all problems, they got modest reviews. Now that Trek movies are mostly Star Wars, full of explosions and ear-searing special effects, and the best way to solve any problem is to whip out a sidearm the size of a Smart Car and lay waste to those $#@!! alien scum, the films are a big hit with everyone. Maybe success is not always a good thing?

  2. That was *not* a significant Prime Directive violation. Original Kirk did much more significant “violations” on a near-weekly basis. Even Picard did worse than that (“Who Watches the Watchers?”, Star Trek: First Contact).

    Unfortunately, the people making Trek films historically (this and Star Trek: The Motion Picture, both) don’t understand what Robert Heinlein made so clear in Starman Jones: you don’t demote an officer from a ship’s Captaincy and then have him continue to serve on the same ship. You transfer him as soon as possible.

  3. I like the opening scene where Spock gets Vulcanized.

    There is much science wrong here, but the film is about “heroes”. If the science was present in a shoddy and a really bad way, I would have found more fault with the characters.

  4. David: Here in the USPS, when a plant manager screws up, he is transfered out, as has happened where I work many times. Once it was a drunken interview on the radio, another time it was armed robbery, and another, trying to fire people without due process. Star Trek? It’s fiction, right?

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