Journey Planet 74: The Vincent Issue

Journey Planet 74 is an issue by and about Vincent Docherty, an insightful, personal and thoughtful journey through the life of a Scottish Fan and two-time Worldcon Chair. 

Vincent marks 45 years in fandom this year, and in time for Satelite 8 in Glasgow, ( the Journey Planet team have worked with him for 18 months and produced a 55,000 word 108-page issue, focused on Vincent’s life. 

With contributions from Sara Felix, Shana Worthen, Henry Balen, Theresa TR Renner, Steve Cooper, Ian Sorensen, Kees Van Toorn, Martin Easterbrook, Colin Harris, Alice Lawson and a cover by Iain Clark, this is a very in depth look at the life of a fan. 

Vincent Docherty walked into Faircon ’78 in Glasgow as a teenager and so began a journey in fandom, which would see him bring the Worldcon to Glasgow twice (1995 and 2005). 

In this issue of Journey Planet, Vincent takes us through that, with both intimacy and insight, starting with how he became interested in Science Fiction. He speaks about being involved with Glasgow and 4S fandom, helping with and then chairing his first convention, Invention in 1983. He speaks of his role as the Hugo Awards director at the 1987 Worldcon, Conspiracy, and offers, thanks to reportage from David Langford, a view from the audience. 

As his involvement with fandom grew, so did his real life job. He shares his passions and anxieties, as well as failings, openly and honestly. With this issue of Journey Planet, many will learn of the trials and tribulations, the tragedy of timing, and life for someone very intelligent and also different, and therefore at times, alone.

This issue addresses hard matters which may resonate with readers: being different, yet invisible; horrible difficulties such as bullying; love in a different time; AIDS in the 80s. Vincent is open and honest, sharing matters of close family as well as heartfelt reflection. 

Vincent considers what has gone well and also what could be improved, and shares what he has come to love: helping others, empowering and enabling, as well as the great musical extravaganzas that he has stewarded. There is value to be found in this history, potentially much in it for conrunners to learn, as serious consideration is given for Worldcons and conrunning in general, and so for us, elements that are useful and good to be aware of. 

Ann Gry and Allison Hartman Adams joined Christopher J. Garcia and James Bacon with this 108-page issue, which began at Smofcon Europe in Lisbon in December 2021 and has been a massive undertaking by all involved, as the information was extracted from Vincent through dozens of interviews, edited multiple times and crafted into the issue that is offered to readers. 

A father, brother, son and friend. He is very good to the community of SF fans. Winner of the Big Heart, he epitomizes what the award is for: someone who gives so much of themselves and helps the community of book-loving science aficionados come together and share their interests and friendships.

A tremendous amount of work has gone into this fanzine, and we hope readers concur that it is very much worth it. 

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