Krugman’s SF Reading List

Nobel prizewinner Paul Krugman has posted a list of SF recommended for economists at his “Conscience of a Liberal” blog. “Not surprisingly for anyone who was at Anticipation,” says Morris Keesan, “Krugman is a big Charlie Stross fan.”

I absolutely second (and third, and fourth) Charlie Stross. But Accelerando, although great, isn’t my top pick. He’s incredibly prolific, with the ability to write in multiple sub-genres, but if economics is what you want, you might want to look at the Merchant Princes novels, which are arguably parallel-universe fantasies that are also essays in development economics. (New edition of the MP novels coming out, with some plot snafus fixed). If you want sheer giddy fun, try the Laundry novels, Lovecraft-meets-hackers-meets-pop-references, with tips of the hat to everything from James Bond to Modesty Blaise.

[Thanks to Morris Keesan for the story.]

2 thoughts on “Krugman’s SF Reading List

  1. Paul Krugman, by his own account, owes his career to SF. He read about the discipline of “psychohistory” in the Foundation series as a teenager and looked for the nearest real world equivalent. Turned out to be economics.

    I think even Krugman would acknowledge the predictions of economics are a good deal less certain that those of psychohistory. Give it time maybe…

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