L.J. Dopp Wishes George Clayton Johnson a Happy Birthday

GCJ tribute by LJ Dopp

“The Fictioneer.” Tribute to George Clayton Johnson painted by L.J. Dopp.

L.J. Dopp painted “The Fictioneer” for George Clayton Johnson’s birthday, incorporating visual references to George’s most famous TV and movie work. The only reward Dopp wanted was the thrill of seeing the expression on George’s face when he saw it for the first time.

It’s a boon for Mystery & Imagination Bookshop customers, too — get a Dopp poster free with $100 purchase…signed by George

2 thoughts on “L.J. Dopp Wishes George Clayton Johnson a Happy Birthday

  1. If you are local you may visit the bookshop. Or…you can buy from the bookshop’s Amazon or eBay pages…look for either MalcolmBook or Mystery and Imagination. Once you’ve ordered $100 in books you can then call the bookshop, 818.545.0206, and ask for Christine. Give her the purchase order and they will put you on the list for a poster. The posters are print-on-demand so they may not come with the books since they have to be taken to George for his signature. George and L.J. Dopp, the artist, are making this offer as a fundraiser to help this independent bookshop.

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